vieni fuori qualcosa


by NemO's

A collection of drawings, but above all of the thoughts of this young Italian street artist that looks at the daily life around him from a critical and informed perspective, translating it into images through his peculiar macabre and cynical humour.
His expressive urge is mainly inspired by the wonder aroused by the human potential and at the same time by the repulsion for the so-called “civilized” society that we have managed to create; a society which oppresses, humiliates us and turns us into mere cannon fodder, imprisoning us inside our bulky materiality and into a spasmodic search for perfection and immortality. It is no accident that the protagonists of his works are mainly naked bodies, misshapen and with flaccid skin, often tied, torn apart and caged, and always defenceless and disoriented victims of their degrading human condition. The contradictions, iniquities and deceptions of the world where we are obliged to live therefore take the shape of nightmares that insinuate in the mind and the soul of the spectators in the hope to awaken their desire for redemption.
The choice of street art as an expressive medium precisely derives from the will to extend the communicative potential of pictures as much as possible, immersing them in the city structure in order to democratically involve the people that avail themselves of it and share sensations and thoughts with them.

176 color pages
Softcover with flaps and fold-outs
19,0 x 23,5 cm
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