Tang Xing Lin a.k.a. Dr. Doop3

Dr. Doop3, pseudonym of Tang Xing Lin, is an artist who wants, through introspective works, to denounce the greed of modern man.Born in Zunyi, China, in 1994 and initially trained as a graphic designer, he later approached the world of artistic illustration.Arriving at Teké Gallery in 2020, he initially collaborated in the production of screen printing works and then over time became an integral part of the gallery's working group and full-time resident artist.His works immediately struck Juan to the point that on December 3, 2021, his exhibition entitled "The Confusion" was inaugurated within the spaces of the Teké Gallery.Dr Doop3The "monsters" he gives birth are instinctive, hidden in the subconscious, they burst onto the scene with violence.Multiple eyes look at the viewer, they are inquisitive and make you uncomfortable. the phallic forms evoke the uncontrolled desire of man, greedy and gluttonous.The violent gestures communicate a strong need for relief that cannot be solved.The visual work of Dr. Doop3 can be interpreted as a journey into all the emotions that a human being can feel in an instant and that he can never fully express outside of his own thoughts and feelings.The chaos, buried in one's subconscious, expressed through one's art.Dr. Doop3The "Confusion" accompanies humanity from its social origins. The creation of artifact schemes has led to an exponential constriction of instinct and of what humanity is unable to discuss openly.Hence the need for Dr. Doop3 to visualize this pulsating and repressed force through the techniques learned during his artistic training (Shui-mo the art of chiaroscuro, Gongbi the art of realistic accuracy and the traditional printing techniques learned during his stay in Italy) and filtered by the cultural stimuli that surrounded him during his growth, from the explosion of anime (such as Evangelion) to the underground hip-hop current in which he himself participated in his hometown with posters, album covers and streetwear desing (BZUG crew).
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Dr.Doop3 - The Confusion
by Dr.Doop3

Screen print realised in 2021 by La Luce Rossa in 3 colours
15 copies numbered and signed by the artist
Dimension 50x70 cm.
Packed in pic clear bag
Shipped with cardboard tube
This screen print is printed with fluorescent colours
To obtain a stronger fluo effect use a wood lamp.
70.00€  Inc Tax
Tang Xing Lin aka Dr. Doop3 - Ashiba Shopper
Ashiba, Shoulder bag, shopper by Tang Xing Lin aka Dr. Doop3
Organic Cotton Sling Tote
Hand screen printed by La Luce Rossa.
Dimensions cm. 32x38
Brand: Westford Mill Code: W187
Fabric weight: 170 gsm
Material: 100% Heavy Organic cotton
Control Union certified fabric
Rip-Strip© closure
Capacity 8
15.00€  Inc Tax
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