THE SAINT - Standard Edition
Soft Cover with flaps

Dark years.
Few are those who still have confidence in the future.
The only ones to wander around the world are those who are driven by blind faith.
After a thousand vicissitudes, two friars land on an island "never touched by civilized beings" with the desire to convert its natives.
They will find savages not at all bellicose, but with clear ideas on religious issues.
So convincing that the friars will almost get converted.

This book was realized and published in the time of the Coronavirus by Tabularasa Edizioni in cooperation with Bisso Edizioni and Tekè Gallery.
Written by Marco Taddei
Illustrated by Marco Filicio Marinangeli
Translation from italian to english by Mara Mattoscio
Proofreading and revision of texts by Stefano Dazzi Dvořák
Layout and graphic design by Johanna Mercadé - Mot
The illustrations by Marco Filicio Marinangeli were photographed by Luciana Paris and Franz Gustincich
First edition in Italian and English © 2020, Tabularasa Edizioni Number of pages: 56
Printed by Kerschoffset, Zagreb, Croatia
Cover: Munken Pure 300 grams
Inside: Munken Pure 150 grams
Dimensions cm. 24 x 33 - 9,5" x 13"
Isbn: 978-88-942665-5-9

The full book is printed on MUNKEN "PURE" paper, the best and most natural paper by Arctic Paper.
Extraordinary printing demands extraordinary design paper.
The uncoated smooth surface of Munken Pure and its cream shade convey distinct features to images and gives an exclusive yet very true natural paper feel.
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  • Manufacturer:Marco Filicio Marinangeli

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