BAU was founded in 2004 in Viareggio, on the coast of tuscany, by a group of artists and individuals interested in the many-sided aspects of the culture of our times. thanks to a widespread and constantly expanding network of contacts, every year the project takes the shape of an expressly designed unia4 sized box: BAU container of contemporary culture. This non-profit box is produced in a limited edition of 150 copies (120 for issue 1 and 200 for issues 9-10) and contains original works, signed and numbered, from a large number of international contributors. The BAU container fits in the vast tradition of assembling publications and artists’ magazines that developed since the early sixties. It intends to experiment with new languages, technologies and materials, operating in a peculiar dimension of group work that is open also to contributions from non-artists: outsiders, travellers, collectors of curiosities, creative gastronomers, anomalous scientists. In a relational and non competitive perspective that is responsive to the relationships between art and science, politics and environment, bau acts as a meeting point in order to stimulate dialogues, interactions and exchanges among the most diverse disciplines: graphics, collage, photography and the visual arts in general, but also poetical and narrative researches, acoustic and performative experiences, documents pertaining the fields of fashion and design, etc. the operative network expresses itself also through the planning of exhibitions, meetings, festivals and events, organized in institutional spaces (libraries, galleries, museums) and in atypic locations.
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In a limited edition of 180 copies
Editorial book (40 pages) in box diameter cm. 35, 70 original works by 75 authors.
Editorial contributions from: Vera Agosti, Giovanni Anceschi, Giorgio Bonomi, Luciano Caprile, Patrizio Cipollini, Attilio Maltinti, Enrico Mattei.
Cover and graphic lay-out by GUMDESIGN.

Paolo Albani, Nino Alfieri, Silvia Ancilotti, Nora Bachel, Enrico Baj, Calogero Barba, Riccardo Bargellini, Hilde Bauer, Diego Bertelli / Marlynn Wei, Antonella Besia, Giovanni Bianchini, Maicol Borghetti, Antonino Bove, Brigata Topolino, Luca Brocchini, Giuseppe Calandriello, Gloria Campriani, Cinzio Cavallarin, CCH, Gian Luca Cupisti, Luca Da Silva, Gabriele Dini, Gillo Dorfles, Bicio Fabbri, Gionata Francesconi, Benna Gaean Maris, Carlo Galli, Cristina Gardumi, Massimo Gasperini, Delio Gennai, GUMDESIGN, Andrea Hess, Barbara Höller, Margherita Labbe, Gianni Landonio, Le forbici di Manitù / Emanuela Biancuzzi, Jikke Ligteringen, Lello Lopez, Luciano Maciotta, Dieter Maertens, Manuela Mancioppi, Gualtiero Marchesi, Vincenzo Marsiglia, Vincenzo Merola, Vito Mollica, Rachel Morellet, Till Riecke, Maria Mulas, Mario Mulas, Sabine Müller-Funk, My cat is an alien, Francesca Nacci, Giulia Niccolai, Michela Nosiglia, Guido Peruz, Luisa Protti, PTRZIA (TICTAC), Ina Ripari, Margherita Levo Rosenberg, Stefano Ruggia, Massimo Salvoni, Caterina Sbrana, Luca Serasini, Max Sarradifalco, SKEMP (Marcus Homatsh), Lino Strangis, Maria Cristina Tangorra, Paolo Tarsi / Fauve! Gegen a Rhino, Romeo Traversa, Tommaso Vassalle, Giacomo Verd, Simona Vignali.

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