GRRRz Comic Art Books presents Changes by Mp5

64 boards in box set + 2, size cm 22x22, b/w, 600 numbered copies.

The I-ching, known as the book of Changes, is a chinese oracular book wrote about the year 1000 b.c.
The text is composed of 64 judgments, oracles that represent the possible states of the cosmos change.

Changes is the visual investigation of Mp5 inspired by the 64 judgments of the I-ching.

For indisputable artist's request, the boards are packed in ascending order corresponding to thaone of the hexagrams of the I-ching, from the first to the sixty-fourth, but they are not numbered.
The collector who wants to keep intact the initial order must not mix the boards.
This request preserves the work to resemble the reality, where everyone can take an ordered system and mix it how he likes, causing and experiencing the change, and the risk to reach the beauty of chaos.


  • Availability: Available
  • Manufacturer: Mp5

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