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"Oidocrop" T-shirt by Pescepiromane

T-shirt designed by PescePiromane and hand screen printed by the laboratory La Luce Rossa in 3 layers and 3 colors.
This t-shirt is the precious result of a careful and perennial period of study and analysis of the concepts of life.
Any word, term or definition cannot be used against us. Every image or detail of it is covered by copyright.
mmxxi year, after several months spent in quarantine, due to the actual familiar virus that we avoid naming,
human minds inevitably put to the test began to overheat minute by minute due to the looming (hahaha)
climate change, disastrous effect of a tyrannical economy aimed at contaminating our planet to ensure basic
necessities at ignoble prices (and I am a slave of it unfortunately), in order to make us all succubus to the metaverse.
In the meantime, I was at home designing this t-shirt that will certainly not change your life,
and I have nothing else to add.
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