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by NemO's

Through fifteen consecutive and visionary drawings the consequences of water waste turn into a sci-fi hallucination.
To produce 1 l bottle of water, we consume 4 litres of water, for a 33 cl Coca Cola can, we consume 200 litres, 300 for a glass of beer. While people are dying for the consequences of drought, every year in Italy we use 250 million litres of water for the attractions of an amusement park like Gardaland. These are only a few data assessing the daily waste of our civilised society and feature in the new book of Nemo’s, which opens with a familiar character sucking a straw. We have seen him looking at us from the building walls of our cities and we have met him in the volume Who is Nemo’s, published by #logosedizioni in 2016. He’s the incarnation of the modern man. The straw, twisting and turning in a horizontal direction through 15 drawings that can be placed one next to the other, crawls on the ground and turns into a two-coloured piping that stretches to virtually sew, like a thread, all the pages. The man draws water from the planet through the straw, while the piping spreads until it forms a tangled forest. The piping coming from a petrol distributor, from a coffee machine, pipes connected to the watering-can he carries on his shoulders while working in the fields… The pipes do not leave the man alone, not even when he’s fulfilling his physical needs, and continue to twist around him while he cleans the floor or sits in the bathtub. The generally well concealed piping surrounding us comes to the surface, revealing how we actually employ our most precious resource in every-day situations.

15 colors prints in a cardboard box
Softcover with flaps and fold-outs
24,0 x 34,0 cm
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