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La Luce Rossa

La Luce Rossa was born from the common passion for screen printing
and the self-productionof all the people who participate in the active
life of Tekè Gallery and Tabularasa Edizioni.
La Luce Rossa is a laboratory where you can learn the basics to create
screen printing in a totally manual and analogical way and it is,
above all, a place to meet and exchange ideas to test yourself and give shape,
substance and image to your projects.
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Viva e Abbasso
Pre-Order of the fully screen printed Pop-Up with one opening

NOTE: The official price of Viva e Abbasso is Eur 50,00 + shipping
Only during the Pre-Order period it will be possible to purchase it at the special price of Eur 44,00 + shipping.

Viva e Abbasso is a Pop-Up with single opening to be assembled
It is the result of the collaboration between Colette Baraldi aka ResEbe and Jaun Allende aka Ruan of La Luce Rossa,
a screen printing workshop born in Carrara and aimed at experimenting screen printing art in all its aspects by collaborating with local,
national and international artists.

VIVA e ABBASSO is full of rocks and water, mountains and presences, faces and hands, completely handmade in a limited artist's edition.
From the designs that compose it, to the screen printing frames that make it reproducible in one color.
The pop-up itself is to be assembled, to be learned, as happened to the artist, who has studied to make one within everyone's reach,
from the most experienced to newbies, without age or culture limits.

VIVA e ABBASSO tells the ZIGO ZAGO sign, one that goes up and one that goes down, like a sign frequency.
It reflects on the frequencies of the sign that becomes a vibrant texture and surface, in the shapes of rocks and mountains.
Where Zigo has a verse and Zago has another. Two opposites, which alone do not "sound", but together yes,
supported by the graphic choice of black and white.
A work that also becomes a broader reflection on the landscape that surrounds the city of Carrara,
on everything that rises thinking of the Mountains, as a symbol, and of everything that descends from them;
about how human beings live with Nature and how it can suffer from it, but also how it manages to reorganize itself despite us.

Single opening pop-up
Packed in handmade tissue bag
Year: 2021
Dimensions: 29.7 x 42 cm
Hand screen printed in one color
Limited edition of 99 copies signed and numbered by the author to be assembled
It includes a screen print numbered and signed bu the author dimensions cm. 29,7x42
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