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ZUZU was born in Salerno, where during the last year of classical high school she discovered the world of comic books by reading LMVDM in a bar in the city. After finishing high school, she moved to Rome to study Illustration at the IED, graduating in 2017. The nickname of the artist derives from the name "Zuzù" given to her by her father as a child. In September 2017 the Coconino Press announces the new editorial course, under the guidance of Ratigher, and the future release of some debuts including Cheese by ZUZU, the youngest author ever published by the publisher. Cheese, born in an embryonic form as a degree thesis at the IED, is completed in the following months with the supervision of Gipi as a Magician, a new figure introduced by Ratigher to indicate a senior cartoonist who accompanies the work of a newcomer. In 2018 he participated in the project "Comics in Museums" promoted by MiBACT and Coconino Press with the story of Super Amedeo for the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. He has participated in projects, fanzines, magazines and self-productions such as Serie Isola, (n) INFOmaniac, Agenda Delay, Scomodo, Came4shots, Profondissima, Macondo, Comic Sons, This is Not a Love Song (realizing the illustrated vhs of Michelangelo's night Antonioni and the box of Vinavil by Giorgio Poi) and made the cover of the album Childhood by Ed Mud. In March 2019 one of his designs is among the 18 selected works (to which 12 are added online) for the COMA_GALLERY exhibition of Coma_Cose in Milan, on the occasion of the release of the album Hype Aura. In March 2019 she made her debut with Cheese reprinted a week after the release, which earned her positive reviews and some TV appearances, and was mentioned among the new names in Italian comics. Gipi, who signs the back cover, highlights the "youthful fury" and the "too much lucidity, too much capacity of story for that age". In April 2019 he is among the five participants of the MNPSZ exhibition at the Napoli Comicon, together with Maicol & Mirco, Giacomo Nanni, Enrico Pantani and Roberta Scomparsa. On 5 July 2019 the winners of Forte dei Marmi's 47th Political Satire Award are announced (awarded by a jury composed of Serena Dandini, Lilli Gruber, Andrea Zalone, Stefano Andreoli, Pasquale Chessa, Fabio Genovesi, Beppe Cottafavi and mayor Bruno Murzi , delivered the following July 13th) and to Cheese of ZUZU goes the prize for the Graphic Novels category. In the July-August 2019 issue number 50 of the magazine Artribune appears, associated with an interview, the unpublished story Only God.